Founded in 2007, hanxiu hall is headquartered in Anqing City, Anhui Province. Hanshoutang integrates biotechnology research and development, technical services, medical equipment, kn95 mask production and sales. Hanshoutang has cutting-edge technical personnel and high-quality working team, which can provide customers with perfect after-sales services in a timely manner.
"Professional qualification and brand building" is the business objective of hanshoutang, and "excellent quality and reliable price" is the business objective of hanshoutang. Hansuitang has the advantages and influence of talents, resources, network, scale and experience in the field of health industry, and has become a new entrepreneurial organization with high competitiveness and leading advantages. Our company strives for survival with quality and development with service. We always adhere to the tenet of respecting contract and trustworthiness. We welcome new and old customers to visit our factory for guidance!