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Filtering half mask

Filtering half mask

Product name: Filtering half mask
Brand name: Hanxiutang 
Product parameters
Model: HXT-01
Material: non woven fabric, hot air cotton, melt blown fabric
Function: prevent haze, dust, bacteria, formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, automobile exhaust and peculiar smell
Color classification: white adult (independent packaging) 1 white adult (independent packaging) 10
Manufacturer: Anhui hanshutang Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Address: no.13-31, phase I complex building, Huxin Middle Road, Daguan District, Anqing, Anhui Province
Origin: China
Province: Anhui
City: Anqing
Implementation standard: EN149:2001+A1:2009
Level of protection: FFP2
TheUser information of Filtering half mask
Product Name & Model No.Filtering half mask, HXT-01
Filtering half mask against standard EN149:2001+A1:2009 to Regulation (EU) 2016/425
Primary Structure Non-woven fabric 46%; Melt-blown fabric 17%; Non latex cotton 26%.
Use Range
Suitable for public health protection. Provide a physical isolation of droplet, dust, non-oil particle, particulate matters. Non-medical use. 

Fitting Instructions:

There are pictures on back of each poly bag of the KN95 masks, showing the fitting steps

1. Keep the face mask clean before use. Do not touch the rear side of the face mask.
2. Open face mask. Hold the face mask to cover nose and mouth, and pull each ear loop with each hand to wear.
3. Ensure the face mask fit to face, by adjusting the nose piece, keeping mask edge close to face.

  1. Before use the masks first verify that it is suitable for the intended use. The wearer must be adequately trained prior to use and ensuring the masks are proper fit.
  2. The mask is disposable and cannot be reused.
  3. Using the masks with facial hair will cause leakage problem, if the facial hair not covered, unlikely to achieve seal.
  4. Discard and replace the mask if it becomes damaged or higher breathing resistance.
  5. Don’t use the mask in explosive gas, heavily polluted environment, oxygen-deficient environment, fire environment and the underwater work.
  6. Patients with heart disease or other disease should discard it after wearing uncomfortably.
  7. Masks marked ‘’ NR’’ shall not be used for more than one shift.
  8. This product does not supply oxygen. Use only in adequately ventilated areas containing sufficient oxygen to support life. Do not use this respirator when oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%.
  9. Do not use in explosive atmospheres.
  10. It is strictly prohibited to use after the package is damaged.
storage conditions
  1. keep in cool place. Avoid sunlight and heat source. Avoid press or damage of box.
  2. Keep in place with humidity less than 80%, no corrosive gas and well-ventilated clean room.
  3. The temperature range of storage conditions -30℃to +40℃
Using Instructions
  1. Apply the respirator on face and hang the ear loops on ears.
  2. Press nose clip and make the respirator fixed on nose.
  3. Adjust the mask and nose clip to make the respirator cling to your face and nose tightly.
Explanation about Signs, Symbols

Single use Keep out of direct
Maximum relative humidity
of storage conditions
The temperature range of storage conditions
the information provided by the manufacturer
 2163 CE mark and Notified Body No
The Manufactured date         
Month / Year 
The Expiry time
2 years
Manufacturer & Address
U13-31, Phase I Complex Building, Huxin Middle Road, Daguan District, Anqing City, Anhui Province, China
The EU DoC is to be delivered with accompanies the user information and masks together.
The Notified Body
Universal Certification and Surveillance Service Trade Ltd. Co.
Necip Fazıl Bulvarı Keyap Sitesi E2 Blok No: 44/84 Yukarı Dudullu Ümraniye-Istanbul