Kn95 respirator kn95 is a standard respirator in China. Kn95 respirator is a kind of respirator with particle filtration efficiency in our country
Kn95 mask and N95 mask are actually the same in terms of particle filtration efficiency. The Chinese name is kn95 and the foreign name is kn95.
Kn95 is a Chinese standard respirator, which comes from the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter type particle respirator
(1) Standard source
This standard is a compulsory national standard of China, proposed by the State Administration of work safety and under the jurisdiction of the National Technical Committee for the standardization of personal protective equipment (SAC / TC 112).
(2) Technical content
From the perspective of scope of application, this standard is applicable to ordinary self-priming filter respiratory protective equipment for protecting all kinds of particles, such as respirators, while other special environments (such as anoxic environment, underwater operation, etc.) are not applicable
According to the definition of particulate matter, this standard defines various forms of particulate matter, including dust, smoke, fog and microorganism, but it does not define the size of particulate matter.
From the perspective of filter element level, it can be divided into kn category of filtered non oil particles and KP category of filtered oil and non oil particles, which are marked as similar to N and R / P specified in the interpretation guide of CFR 42-84-1995.
In terms of filtration efficiency, this standard is similar to the N-series respirators specified in the interpretation guide of CFR 42-84-1995:
In addition, GB 2626-2006 also has general requirements, visual inspection, leakage, respiratory resistance, exhalation valve, dead cavity, field of vision, headband, connecting and connecting parts, lens, air tightness, flammability, cleaning and disinfection, information that the manufacturer shall provide, packaging and other technical requirements.
(3) Precautions
It is worth noting that GB 2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment self-priming filter type particle respirator is about to be invalidated, replacing its new version of GB 2626-2019 respiratory protective self-priming filter type particle respirator, which has been issued to the whole society by the State Administration of market supervision and administration on December 31, 2019 with the national standard Announcement No. 17, 2019 of the people's Republic of China,
It will be officially implemented on July 1, 2020, and the new standard will be put forward and centralized by the emergency management department. At present, the text of the new standard has been published and made free to the whole society as a compulsory standard. Seven terms such as "aerodynamic particle size" have been added to the new standard, and some technical requirements and detection methods have been modified, but the classification, marking and filtration efficiency listed in this paper have not been modified